Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

CNC reporting from Chicago
Added On April 29, 2013

Next we're going to take you to the 2013 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo!  And see spiderman, Iron Man, or whatever, and of course, calk to cosplay fans.

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, also called C2E2, is a Chicago fan convention dedicated to comics, pop culture, graphic novels, video games, toys, movies, and television.

Every year, the expo includes dozens of professional and amateur comic book artists, and features booths of the biggest names in the industry.

Marvel Entertainment, one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, has made its appearance at the show with its most known characters like Spiderman and Iron man.

Activities include autographing by comic artists and producers, as well as different screenings and discussing panels.

There is also a giant Iron Man post where fans dressed in their favorite costumes line up to take photos. The latest of this popular movie series is going to hit theater on May 3rd.

Many other comic producers have also brought their characters and products here. Comic-related products like books, posts, cards, T-shirts and accessories are showcased and sold onsite.

One of the highlights of the Expo is the cosplay part.

SOUNDBITE: Cosplay Fan
"This is always a great opportunity for us to come out because we're clearly... You know everybody likes to take pictures with us, and it really reflects our phantom. The reason why we built these elaborate suits is because we really really enjoy what we do and really enjoy this science fiction convention."

SOUNDBITE: Cosplay Fans
"I'm cosplaying as Ada Wang from Resident Evil. I'm the Resident Evil person. Resident Evil is our favorite cosplay."

The event encourages not only professional cosplayers, but also those who would like to put on makeup and enjoy the party.

Here at the booth of zombies, visitors can get a perfect makeup and scare people.

The C2E2 Expo started in 2010 and is growing bigger through the years. At the McCormick' s 460,000 square-foot hall room, professionals and amateurs get a chance to meet each other and share ideas.