NFL experience

CNC reporting from the Mexico City
Added On April 6, 2013

American football enjoys great popularity not only in the country, but also around the world.

To return the support, the National Football League held an event called "NFL Experience", to give fans a change to know everything about a NFL player.

The event is part of a series of projects that the city government holds jointly with the National Football League. The two has signed a partnership agreement that lasts for six years.

The agreement contemplates designing initiatives that will promote physical activation of Mexican children and youth through the sports available at school.

"This is the NFL experience, we are excited to bring it here, basically we have seven different activities that all have something to do with the fundamentals of the sport and flag football games, the intention is to make people have fun, and above all, to help them relate to football."

It turns out that people enjoy playing like professionals.

"We have a very interesting zone, which is the sandbox for NFL players who stand big chances to get to the league. It's an area where they can run the 40-yard, where they can do the vertical jump, horizontal jump, some core dribbles back corridor of Baker line. That area is very interesting and gives people an idea of what an NFL player feels."

The "NFL Experience" is expected to be accessed by 10,000 people until April 14, the last day of activities.