2013 Armory show

CNC report from New York
Added On March 9, 2013

The annual Armory show, the largest art fair in New York City opened to the public on Thursday, celebrating its centennial with fascinating collections of the world' s most renowned galleries.

Started from 1913, the Armory Show has long been a hub for artists and collectors worldwide. This year, a total of 214 exhibitors from world' s renowned galleries joined the centennial celebration.

Besides paintings and sculptures, there' s also interesting stuff in display. In Andy Warhol' s screen test studio, people can shoot a 3-minute video of himself by merely looking straightly at the camera.

The film will play in a same light and slow motion effect as Warhol' s works in 1960s.

"It' s basically a movie about film portrait of a person, and he would film them in 24 frames per second, and play them back in 16 frames per second. So at the museum in Pittsburg, we love to involve our patrons in our art-making process, we have created an interactive piece that allows patrons to create their own screen test, in much the same way that Andy created his.

About 66,000 visitors were expected to attend the show, generating 54 million dollars in the city, according to officials.

Under the name of "Armory Arts Week", many art events will take place at various museums, galleries and non-profit organizations citywide throughout the week.